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Travel plays a big part in most realms of business. Whether it’s sales, executive, managerial – nearly all levels of business person will travel at some point in their careers. There is obviously a high importance placed on efficiency, as those hours on the road or in the air should not simply be wasted, and often times cannot afford to be wasted. So here are a few tips to get you going and stay efficient (and sane) while you are traveling for work: 1) Update your packing lists Keep your packing list in your suitcase. Even try different lists for different types of getaways including 1) Weekend business 2) Week-long business 3) Weekend vacation and 4) Week-long vacation. If it’s kept in your suitcase you can modify it as needed. Bring something you didn’t need? Cross it off. Wish you would have remembered something? Add to the list right away so you can come back to it and never forget again. 2) Midweek flight deals Money is always an important factor when traveling. Especially with gas prices the way they are, airline tickets do not come cheap. Depending on the flexibility of your schedule, try purchasing flight between Tues afternoon and Thurs afternoon. Deals are usually posted on Mondays, with other airlines often dropping prices to match in the middle of the week. 3) Dress smart If you can afford to, wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that still looks professional. Also wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off during security checks. The less layers the better, especially when checking-in. Need to wear a coat? Try packing it instead of wearing it. 4) Best snack? Yogurt Yogurt helps fight off the bacteria that all over the place in busy airports. It also has protein and small amount of fat, which will fight off those hunger pangs in the afternoon. Instead of shelling out for salty airline snacks, grab a yogurt before you get on your flight and you’ll be good to go. 5) Know the rules The more you know the ins and outs of the security checks, the faster you will get through, and the less stressful it will be. Have a laptop? It will have to be pulled out of the bag, but not necessarily its case if you have one. Also know the 3-1-1 rule: 3-ounce bottles, in a one-quart plastic bag, limited to one per passenger. You’ll save yourself a headache by simply knowing the guidelines. What are YOUR favorite travel tips? Chime in! We’d love to hear from you!

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