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This Independence Day we can take some advice from our founding fathers whom were the experts on leadership. When trying to create and defend a new country, they had to know a thing or two about leadership. Fast Company recently put out an article highlighting four leadership lessons we can learn from the likes of James Madison, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the other brave men. Here are the four leadership lessons we can take away: 1. Courage of Convictions With their main convictions centering around “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” these brave men fought and clung to these ideals. Leadership in a global economy requires steady conviction in the face of incredible challenges. To say that our Founding Fathers were men of conviction would be an understatement, but all great leaders are. 2. Sanctity of Sacrifice By signing that piece of paper (the Declaration of Independence) our founding fathers pledged to each other and the country “our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.” This leadership quality of sacrifice isn’t something new, but instead an old practice of not being selfish or self-serving, but selfless. The commitment made 236 years ago reminds us that no great accomplishment comes without sacrifice and that causes greater than self are the lasting ones. 3. Fulfillment of Faith Stepping outside of our circumstances and putting faith in our endeavors allows us to see the world around us, and the people entrusted to our leadership, in a more meaningful way. The executive model today is not so much an “independence from” mentality as it is a “responsibility toward” philosophy. Thoughtful leaders seek to be a blessing and to serve causes greater than self; wise ones remember the source. 4. Power of Purpose The men of the Declaration of Independence had a clear purpose and the drive to fulfill that purpose. The rally today is for leaders with purpose, backed by the power of their convictions, faith, and sacrifice, to make a difference in the world. Like the Founders, men of clear purpose and mission, successful management today charts a clear course with the right women and men with the necessary tools to achieve their goals. Happy Independence Day!

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