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Your people are your biggest asset in business (and in life). But not all people are created equal. If you want to create a rockstar team, there are 3 types of people you don’t want in your band. # 1 The Competitive Noodler The hallmark of a good band is cohesion. Several talented musicians know how to play together and showcase their skills, all while not upstaging their bandmates. If you’ve got someone who insists the entire show is their solo, you’ll have a very angry band and a very bored audience. Working as part of a team requires you to take off your competition hat and put on your collaboration hat. Coworkers must strive to make the team look better, not just themselves. When Quincy Jones worked with over 40 A-list artists on the project Hunger for Africa, he put a sign on the studio door that said check your egos at the door. And if you want your band to perform at a higher level every day, make it very clear to everyone to leave their egos at home. “The best songs we make are when everybody is firing on all pistons.” – Chino Moreno, The Deftones # 2 A Culture Mismatch Bands must present a united front to the audience. While it’s encouraged to sport your own unique style if there are inherent differences in values and how you approach life and music, the band probably won’t survive the long haul. Hopefully, you’ve spent time developing your company culture. While you can easily remedy a lack of training, an employee who doesn’t align with your culture just needs to go. As the band leader that can sometimes be a tough decision. Sometimes our band members are family. But you have to do what’s best for the team & do what’s best for the band. If you have someone that is toxic, infectious and bringing everybody else down, you gotta kick him out of the band. No one is irreplaceable. Take a little extra time to find the right person, not the right now person, and make sure that they fit into your band’s culture and that everyone plays nicely together. # 3 The Responsibility Evader Before a band has paid roadies, they rely on each other to load in and load out at shows. When everyone does their share, setup and breakdown are a breeze, and you can head out to celebrate. When one or more members refuse to step up and work, resentment brews, and you’re headed for trouble. In a business environment, every team member must pull their own weight. Each employee must be aware of and responsible for their own duties. As the band leader, it’s your responsibility to go deep and find everyone’s unique ability, special purpose, and what they are passionate about. Then find the perfect position or job in the band that matches their personality and their belief system. Then step aside, give them permission to own the stage, and watch them grow and your band flourish. That’s how you build trust, create engagement, explode your bands culture and keep the band together for years to come. “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan Avoid these “bandmates” and create a winning team in your business. For more tips visit https://www.marvellessmark.com/

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