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I bet you are familiar with the term “One Hit Wonder.” It refers to a band or artist who has one hugely popular song and then fades into obscurity. You might hear that song on the classic rock station for years, but somehow they never manage to hit the charts again. The first success is nice, for sure (and it’s better than never having your 15 minutes of fame at all), but it certainly isn’t what anyone dreams about doing with their lives or their gifts. Everyone wants to hit the charts again and again. You don’t want to be a One Hit Wonder in your life or career, either. Who wants to fizzle out after one early success and then spend years wondering why they couldn’t repeat it? So let’s think for a moment about the difference between a One Hit Wonder and a genuine Rock Star.
  1. Both have talent.
  2. Both put effort and determination into reaching a certain goal.
  3. Both attract attention for producing something—in this case, a song—that people appreciate.
Rock ‘n’ roll is an attitude; it’s not a musical form of a strict sort. It’s a way of doing things, of approaching things. Writing can be rock ‘n’ roll, or a movie can be rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a way of living your life. ~ Lester Bangs  
The One Hit Wonder and the Rock Star got to that first level of success by doing the same thing: creating a song that everyone can identify with, and performing it well. The difference is that rock stars do this continually over time. That’s how they develop the fan base that sustains them. A One Hit Wonder can’t sustain that effort. He doesn’t keep that connection to audiences. He doesn’t change or grow enough to stay fresh. A true rock star has momentum. She keeps high standards for her work and she pushes herself to keep growing. The key to building that momentum is our A chord. It’s all about ATTITUDE

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