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Have you ever questioned the line between illusion and reality? Billy Riggs straddles this line every day. A master magician, illusionist, spellbinding entertainer, friend and colleague. Billy uses magic and humor to tackle the most important topics in business and personal development, showing audiences that the roadblocks standing between them and their goals are just an elaborate illusion of the mind. There’s a term in the magic world called “Presto Chango!” (Fast Change), and it’s a skill every business needs to master. The Magic of Innovation is necessary to survive, yet sometimes our leadership behaviors squash it before it can bloom.  Billy exposes the “Grand Illusions” that lurk in the subconscious mind that destroy our creativity and prevent us from growing and adapting in a changing environment. His Magic Formula for Mastering Change shows us how a good attitude, accepting your position as victor (instead of victim), and seeing the opportunity in change will help you adapt and stay ahead of the crowd.  Extraordinary leaders can accomplish extraordinary goals. Yet the world is full of mere bosses who seek to externally motivate workers with carrots and sticks instead of inspiring them from within. Such a true leader is a rare gem. Your bosses can become leaders and Achieve the Impossible by destroying the illusions that stifle your growth and by teaching how to lead from a place of inspiration. Good Customer Service has become the norm, the baseline necessary to operate in our society. “Good” is no longer “good enough” to earn loyal customers and set your business apart from the rest. In order to wow your customer and keep them coming back for more, you need to elevate your standards to what Billy Riggs calls “Positively Magical Service.” You need to create a magical experience and a memory that sticks with the customer and keeps them coming back for more. “Attitude” has become a buzz word in the business world, but few realize just how important it is. Negativity is a disease that poisons the well of the organization and your minds. It destroys motivation, morale and, eventually, your bottom line and your self-worth. Harnessing the power of self talk allows you to shift your mindset to success. A Positively Magical Attitude (PMA) is contagious, spreading throughout your organization to improve performance, reduce turnover, and decrease absenteeism among your employees. Successful Sales are a result of shattering the psychological glass ceilings you put in place for yourselves. These illusions destroy your self confidence and limit your ability to sell and propel your organizations forward. Positively Magical Selling is achieved when you listen to your customers, focus on the benefits to your customer instead of the features of your product and most importantly, when you believe in yourself. If you are ready to uncover the “Grand Illusions” that prevent you from excelling in work and in life, Billy Riggs can teach you the magic of success. Dubbed the “Dr. Phil of Magic,” he will tap into your subconscious mind, bust through the roadblocks preventing success, float your bookkeeper in the air, and declare you officially “disillusioned.” For a message of hope and inspiration, you will leave inspired to excel and master your own illusions.       “Marvelless” Mark Kamp is a Keynote Entertainer/Keynote Speaker, Author, Husband, Father, and child of God. He works with organizations who want their teams to achieve rock star results. He does this in a fun and engaging way using the success secrets of rock stars and the right amount of entertainment.  

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