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“I can’t get no satisfaction.” While the Rolling Stones were talking about commercialism (among other things – ahem, ahem), with their 1965 hit, their message strikes a chord today regarding employees in the workforce. The “Great Resignation” is beginning to slow, but the desire for more than a paycheck continues. As a leader, you’re probably wondering if your employees are truly happy or if they may be dreaming of (or actively searching for) a new band or larger stage. When it comes to employee satisfaction, monetary compensation is important. However, a shift in your mindset is also essential. Here’s how to do it. A focus on physical and mental health Good insurance, a benefits package that includes gym membership, and offering healthy food (if you’ve got a physical office) are wonderful… but they’re not everything. If your employees are stressed, overworked, and unsuccessfully using their days off each week to catch up on sleep and allow their nervous systems to return to some semblance of normal, their mental health will suffer. It’s important to provide vacations (and encourage employees to take them) and ensure that employees have a strong support system within the organization, but what if there was more you could do? Reframe: “Efficiency” may seem like a term that leads to layoffs, but what if we looked at it differently? What if you streamlined processes and created less work, allowing your employee’s downtime to relax and be creative? It’s called rest and recovery. All successful business rock stars do this frequently. Investment in training and development Whether you are better training them for their current role or helping them attain new skills for a role they hope to get in the future, professional (and personal) development is essential to today’s workers. Gauge their interest regarding their desired career path and provide opportunities for them to learn and grow.  You can even bring in a fun and entertaining guest rock n roll speaker from time to time. Reframe: While some managers may be afraid to empower their employees (lest they leave), a true rock star leader knows that helping employees grow fosters loyalty and attracts talent to your organization. Fostering an environment with good communication   Change is inevitable within any organization. As you grow, policies, procedures, products or services, staff, tools, and even the company’s mission may evolve. While employees don’t need to be notified regarding every tiny decision, it’s important that they be kept in the loop regarding the big shifts. Full transparency is always a great option. Reframe: It’s tempting to keep employees in the dark when it comes to a challenge your organization is facing. While you might want to appear strong and in control by staying quiet, you might be missing out on a font of wisdom from inside your organization. Be open about what’s happening and then provide a way for employees to contribute and be a part of the solution. Ensuring the happiness of your employees comes down to more than just a raise and occasional pizza parties. Sometimes, you need to reexamine and shift your own mindset regarding leadership. When you do, satisfaction is just around the corner. Start turning your employees into rock stars that can’t wait to get on stage and start out performing everyone. It’s not Rocket Science, It’s ROCK-IT Science. www.marvellessmark.com

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